iSolar 19W-MOD Solar Attic Fan Blows Away Competition With Rigorous Product Testing & Research

August 25,2020

After discovering devastating termite, mold, and structural issues during the demolition of Caerula Mar, our team knew proper precautions were necessary to keep the integrity of the resort intact. One of the most cost-effective and simple solutions to moisture, mold, and overheated attic spaces is a solar attic fan (SPAF). Joining forces with the leaders in attic management, iSolar Solutions and the addition of approximately twenty attic fans at the resort has helped prevent moisture and premature deterioration in our guest villas.

While there are many other attic fans on the market, no other rooftop venting product competitor has undergone the same years of product testing and research to ensure its performance capabilities. iSolar has done their homework and we like a company that ‘walks the talk’ by backing up their claims! Here are a few reasons why we partnered with iSolar and have given their 19W-MOD solar attic fan the stamp of approval as a ‘Baeumler Approved’ product.

Hurricane Tested up to 160+mph

Harsh weather conditions are common in the Bahamas and any product mounted on the roof of Caerula Mar would have to be sturdy enough to withstand the powerful winds common to this tropical island. Knowing the 19W-MOD iSolar attic fan had been rigorously ‘real-world tested’ under extreme sustained winds and gusts simulating hurricane conditions (162 mph) at the University of Technology (Automotive Centre for Excellence) in Oshawa, Ontario gave my team the confidence to integrate the fan at the resort.

CFM Capacity Tested

The proof is in the sound! After our team installed the 19W-MOD iSolar attic fan on the resort roof we couldn’t believe how much hot air it was exhausting.


“Listen to that thing (SPAF) hum! You can feel the wind coming out of there.” -Bryan Baeumler


iSolar gives us the honest numbers on how much hot air their fans are capable of exhausting (also known as the CFM). The CFM on an iSolar fan is representative of its fully integrated units operating in real attic conditions. In other words, iSolar tests their fan’s CFM on real roofs—not in laboratory conditions which often inflate the maximum peak output of the fan. The sun isn't out 24/7 for an 19W-MOD fan to tout a very high CFM number, so be wary of a CFM that seems too good to be true!

Quantified Energy Savings

Not only does the 19W-MOD iSolar attic fan increase attic air flow and reduce mold growth, it also helps homeowners reduce their electricity consumption. Since electricity in the Bahamas is expensive, (north of 30¢/kWh), it will be exciting to see how the iSolar attic fans have impacted their electricity bill. How do we know SPAFs lead to utility savings? It’s all in the research!

Numerous government and utility studies in Canada have been conducted on the 19W-MOD SPAF since 2012. The consensus of Electricity System Operator of Ontario (“IESO”) and several Ontario (electric) Local Distribution Companies (“LDCs”) was the annual electricity savings were in the range of 315 to 415 kWh per household.

If you’re interested in learning how your family’s home can benefit from iSolar’s attic fan technology or would like to become a distributor, please head to today. The iSolar team will be happy to answer your questions, concerns, or provide a free solar assessment.