iSolar Attic Fan Helps Bryan Baeumler Beat the Heat in the Bahamas

March 27,2020

Renovating and restoring an abandoned Bahamian resort from the 1960s has been an amazing adventure, but it hasn’t been easy! The demolition stage of the resort revealed a slew of complications and setbacks including the devastating discovery of rotted wood in the attic spaces, and termites under the tiles, concrete, drywall, and framework of the property.

Before: Termites found under the pink tiles and walls of the villas

This season of Island of Bryan, our team is taking the appropriate precautions to guard against termite activity and mold by joining forces with the best in attic management: iSolar Solutions!

Year-round humidity in the Bahamas coupled with poor ventilation creates an ideal breeding ground for the nightmare combo of termite activity and fungus growth. The addition of the iSolar Attic Fan to Caerula Mar has been a lifesaver in preventing moisture that can lead to premature deterioration and pest infestation. The iSolar Attic Fan also keeps our guests cool after a long day in the sun by continuously exchanging attic air to avoid heat and moisture buildup.

Keeping with Caerula Mar’s dedication to environmental sustainability, the iSolar Attic Fan is 100% solar powered and requires no wiring or electricity and is manufactured from recycled materials. As electricity service in the Bahamas is expensive (30+ cents per kWh) we’re excited to see how much we will save on our monthly utility bills due to reduced A-C run times!

Besides its efficiency, the iSolar Attic Fan is extremely durable and has been rigorously tested to withstand hurricane weather and pressure conditions. The iSolar Attic Fan’s compatibility with warmer, tropical climates has allowed us to integrate the iSolar Attic Fan into Caerula Mar with confidence!

If you’re interested to find out how your family’s home can benefit from iSolar’s Attic Fan technology or would like to become a distributor, please head to today. The iSolar team will be happy to answer your questions, concerns, or provide a free solar assessment.

Tune in to watch the March 8th episode of Island of Bryan where my team will demonstrate the iSolar Attic Fan!