iSolar Attic Fan Innovator Completes Hurricane Endurance and Stability Testing

November 23,2018

Bryan Baeumler HGTV Personality and Strategic Partner of International Solar Solutions – Nov 201

Although hurricane season is just about over it was a good reminder of how dangerous high winds can be on a roof and its accessories. With encouragement from a number of US based electric utility companies, International Solar Solutions (iSolar) set out to test its Solar Attic Fans under extreme sustained winds and gusts simulating hurricane conditions. This is a must as iSolar intends to ship this great product all over the world including the Caribbean (more on that in the next blog!)

TEST Sustained Windspeed (mph) 3-Second Gust Windspeed (mph)  Roof Angle to Wind
(Zero degrees is perpendicular
to leading edge and peak)
Roof Pitch Test Results
1 130 150 0 12:12 Passed
2 130 150 45 12:12 Passed
3 130 150 90 12:12 Passed
4 130 150 90 6:12 Passed
5 130 150 45 6:12 Passed
6 130 150 0 6:12 Passed
7 150 162 0 6:12  Passed

No applied windspeed had any visible impact on the provided attic fan, other than some slight shaking noted at the 90 degree rotation of the roof. Upon further inspection, that appeared to be just a transference of the model roof panel shaking. In each case the wind was raised to the sustained windspeed target and held for at least 30 seconds, then raised quickly to the gust windspeed target for a minimum of three seconds, as specified in the building code. We also made a final run at a higher sustained and gust speed (162 mph), which also had no visible impact on the solar panel assembly.

This should give the homeowners the additional confidence they need to integrate an iSolar Attic Fan into their smart-home plans.