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Island of Bryan

Canadas Handyman Challenge

In Season 1 of Island of Bryan, viewers watched Bryan and Sarah Baeumler leave their home and business behind and move their family to an undeveloped island in the Bahamas in order to renovate and restore a run-down beach front resort.

Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off: after a rollercoaster year of construction, the resort’s grand opening is just a few months away. With the budget max out and more at stake than ever, Bryan and Sarah have to tackle the seemingly impossible in order to transform the property into their spectacular vision.

Bryan Inc

Canadas Handyman Challenge

After three spirited home builds as husband and wife, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on an entirely different relationship: boss and employee! In Bryan Inc., Sarah joins Bryan’s busy construction company as a Project Manager and together they will buy, renovate and sell two luxury homes.

It’s a huge learning curve for Sarah as she juggles trades, inevitable construction delays and strict budgets. Bryan is depending on his wife to rise to the new challenge, and together they struggle to find the balance between the demands of work and four very active kids.

Home to Win

Canadas Handyman Challenge

Bryan is starring in HGTV’s Home to Win, premiering April 24th, 2016. For the first time in network history, 20 HGTV Canada celebrity designers and builders gather under one roof and pool their extraordinary expertise, creativity and renovation know-how to work together on one home

Home to Win website

House of Bryan 3

Four years have passed since Bryan and Sarah built their custom dream home in the city, and barely a few months have gone by since they completed a majestic cottage on a rugged, northern island. Always up for a challenge, Bryan and Sarah are back at building again. But this time, they’ve decided to pick up and uproot their growing family from the city to the gritty country.

While they love their city home, it turns out Bryan has always dreamed of returning to his small town roots and raising his kids in the vast, open spaces of the country. His wife Sarah on the other hand, fashions herself a city girl, as it’s all she has ever known. Watch as Sarah and Bryan go head to head on not only the vision of their new dream home, but cope with the dramatic lifestyle change, as they say goodbye to the comfortable conveniences of city life.

House of Bryan 2

The successful global franchise and ratings record-breaker House Of Bryan, has Bryan and his family struggle to build the dream house so it’s no surprise that House Of Bryan: On The Rocks sees Bryan Baeumler at it again! But this time he’s building the ultimate vacation home – literally from the rocks up.

He may be the owner of a successful construction company but building a 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art island villa from scratch wonít be the only thing on Bryan’s mind. His wife Sarah has given him only four short months to buy property, build their new city getaway from the ground up and finish mounting the last painting on their dream summer home – or else.

From barging in supplies, to keeping a handle on his team, Bryan’s challenges hit an all-new high. And with a newborn boy, Bryan will have to do some fancy footwork to juggle the demands of work, family and play.

House of Bryan 1

House Of Bryan chronicles the transformation of Bryan Baeumler’s home from a modest, 50-year-old bungalow, to the ultimate dream home. Already the owner of a successful construction company, building a home from scratch promises to be a journey peppered with road blocks and obstacles that Bryan will have to cope with, in his already chaotic schedule.

In six short months Bryan will demolish the old and build the new. And Bryan’s valuable experience as a contractor doesn’t mean he is immune to problems like weather delays, novice workmanship and municipal red tape. The show provides an insider’s look at home renovations and documents the financial, emotional and physical stress that mounts from week to week. See how Bryan tames the beast that is the construction industry, how the family manages and at times struggles to keep the project on track and watch the house go from pipe dream to reality.

Seasons 1-5

Bryan is best known for fixing unhandy Do-It-Yourselfers disastrous attempts at home renovations. Bryan’s newest role in LEAVE IT TO BRYAN, features homeowners calling on our handyman guru in the hopes of getting a kick-start on their dream renovation.


With an ultimate goal of teaching homeowners how to manage their own future renovations, LEAVE IT TO BRYAN showcases inevitable construction chaos and the feisty personalities of the couples themselves.

The first step is for homeowners to reveal what they WANT and which will be their ultimate dream reno, while Bryan will choose their NEED which is a more practical reno they need to do first based on their resources. Trusting Bryan is key as the couple gets expert advice on managing a renovation from start to finish.

See how and what renovation Bryan picks in order to save homeowners from unsuspecting disaster!

Disaster DIY

DISASTER DIY is the exciting hit HGTV show about Do-It-Yourselfers who have failed at their own home renovations, and are in desperate need of some on-the-job training!

Host and contractor Bryan Baeumler arrives to save a family from a reno disaster and teach the DIY-er how to fix his or her own mess. With his rapier wit and humorous brand of tough love, Bryan shows the DIY-ers their mistakes, then teaches the safe and proper way to fix them.

Family and friends of the DIY-er comment and join in to watch as Bryan takes the DIY-er from a handyman disaster to a full-fledged hero.

Canada's Handyman Challenge

Canadas Handyman Challenge

Canada’s Handyman Challenge returns for a third season with more creative and resourceful challenges than ever before. This season HGTV Canada’s biggest stars Bryan Baeumler (Leave It To Bryan, House of Bryan), Scott McGillivray (Income Property) and Paul Lafrance (Decked Out, Disater Decks) are on a nationwide search stopping in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax to find Canada’s top amateur handyman talent. Along with host Jennifer Robertson, the all-star judging panel will challenge contestants like never before as they whittle down the competition. With bragging rights on the line, the contestant that best handles the pressure and staves off elimination will walk away with the $25,000 prize.                             

Watch the Top Moments from Season 3 here.